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"Home" by Tessa Smits

This dot art painting represents for me the 9 Dimensional Human Energy Field in the colours of the earth. Green as grass and trees and turquoise as the sky and water

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2 weeks ago

Thee van verse gember, kurkuma, citroen, mint en honing. En dat dan opdrinken in je tuin, luisterend naar het gekwetter van de vogeltjes.
Het leven is paradijs op aarde, mocht je iets anders denken. ... See more

Welcome to Tuffie.Tv

Hi, I’m Tuffie!

Welcome in my life! I’m an Energy healer and reader and spiritual teacher.
I’m also a voice artist, jazz musician, mother of two beautiful girls and happy with my two dogs.
My passion is to share the wisdom I receive and support people in their awakening.

I am Light. Energy Consciousness

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“I am light, Energy Consciousness”

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