Tuffie and The Alchemist: Talking about the truth (2 July)

Quantum Geometry” the first book of The alchemist, who are Gary Barham and Christine van Blokland and ‘I am Light, Energy Consciousness”, Tuffie’s book, will both be published this year at Aurora Concepts aurora-concepts.com/.
“Quantum Geometry’ covers the fundamental patterns of the Universe as the foundation of life and consciousness, ‘I am Light, Energy Consciousness’ covers the human energy field and explains the 13 dimensional life based on chakra’s and music structure.
‘Talking’ about the truth’ is a monthly series, Where Gary, Christine and Tuffie are talking about what human consciousness is, and why this is important as the ultimate goal of our journey on earth. Tune in the first Friday of the month.

Minimum price: 9,00