Sacred Yoga

I have had a considerable aversion to yoga my entire life. A dislike. An allergy. It was associated with a kind of people I wanted to distance myself from: the airy-fairy types preaching only love, light, and peace, often used as a spiritual bypass. This means they avoid the dark, raw aspects of earthly existence, sidestepping their own issues, refusing personal growth, and instead adopting a behavioral approach that creates a shadow part within themselves – something that should not exist: no negativity, no pain, no stress, no anger.

A few years ago, when I discovered hot yoga in Amsterdam – a blend of detox through intense sweating and fitness involving vigorous exercises that sweep through all chakras – I experienced it again, there in the studio. I found myself angrily shouting at about ten yoga girls with mouth mask at the front desk, all neatly waiting their turn. Even in the yoga room, quite a few kept up the mask. Hot yoga. 36 degrees. Move and breathe. I couldn’t bear it anymore. I yelled, ‘What are you all doing, you bunch of sheep? Are you really going to harm your own nature by adhering to these senseless rules? Don’t you know how unhealthy it is to breathe through fabric? Especially when you breathe deeply, like here? What are you doing? Especially you guys!’ They all looked at me fearfully as if I were the one who had gone mad. That’s what happens when you always strive to be good, pretend that everything is always fine, and view everything positively. There’s no room for inner conflict. Yet, inner conflict is the key ingredient for an inner process.

There are people who, when starting Sacred Yoga Meditation, immediately encounter issues. Last year, someone reported that it was dangerous for her because it triggered dizziness and migraines. She immediately quit. What I saw was that she had a conflict in her 7th chakra, which was too intense and confronting for her to deal with at that moment. There was someone who started hyperventilating acutely. That was about not daring to inhale life. It disappeared after some personal guidance.

A few weeks ago, someone reported that because of her weight, she encounters limitations, and it makes her so sad. That’s precisely the intention. By feeling what your body tells you, by listening to what it says, you reach the part that causes you to be overweight, which you normally avoid, leading to a certain eating pattern. If you listen to your body, you don’t need that survival mechanism at all. I now understand why I always hated yoga: I was as stiff as a board my whole life and confronted too much with my unconscious frozen fear when I set it in motion.

In 2016, when it became clear to me that I would be giving year-long courses in the future based on Reading and Healing, entirely from and focused on the New Era, the download repeatedly came with the idea that yoga would be the foundation. It insisted. At that moment, as ayoga hater, I didn’t want to think about it. In 2015, I had a burnout, combined with a severe post-traumatic stress disorder. I was incapacitated for four years.

When I moved to Amsterdam in 2019, I decided to take matters into my own hands and start hot yoga, four or five times a week. It was a commitment to myself. I wanted to see what it did. Then the miracle happened: Within three weeks, my burnout and post-traumatic stress disorder completely disappeared. And an even bigger miracle: I was suddenly not stiff anymore but had a super-flexible body. Also quite bizarre: I had been overweight my whole life, size XL, but for five years now, I’ve been super slim, size 36. I weigh the same as when I was twenty after years of strict dieting. The PTSD occasionally comes back if I’m tired for too long or under too much stress, but I have never felt the burnout sensation of that heavy burden and lack of energy again. I have experienced firsthand why yoga is the foundation for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

However, hot yoga had limitations. It is an upgraded form of fitness. You feel incredibly healthy and strong, but as a healer, I missed the connection with the chakras. That’s why in 2019, in Portugal, I did a month of Teacher Training Tantra Yoga. That was actually an even greater disappointment.

I learned, on a teacher training no less, some things that were energetically incorrect. When I pointed it out to the teacher, he said he passes on ancient wisdom and did not doubt its value. Not willing to hear what I was saying. And that’s where it goes wrong. If you don’t think for yourself and feel inwardly but blindly follow, like the mouth mask, you inadvertently pass on chakras to wrong places and violate the essence of yoga, contrary to its original purpose. An example of this is the rule that yogis must adhere to celibacy. Energetically, abstaining from sex leads to the suppression of sexual energy, look at what happens in churches, all those clergy molesting children; that repressed energy must go somewhere.

What is actually meant originally is that when energy flows, as yoga induces, sexual energy is released. The intention is to let it flow freely, so the more sexual you are, the more life energy you have at your disposal. Only with an ejaculation orgasm do you lose it all at once. In tantra, the art is to be sexual but not to climax. This way, you build up an enormous amount of life energy. This is a 180-degree different interpretation than a regime of abstinence.

Since that training, combined with what I have since learned about the forces that hold the world in their hands and what they have in mind and for how long, I see more and more how much false information has been spread in the spiritual realm for decades. Incorrect information is passed on, missing the mark and bypassing the essence. And all this false information is sweetly passed on by loving, well-intentioned people who obediently follow rules in blind trust. Incredibly unfortunate.

In my Sacred Yoga Meditation sessions, we connect with the earth and cosmos, align ourselves, calibrate ourselves as an energy field, making us feel grounded and enlightened. We practice relaxed belly breathing. Then we move for 20 minutes, and the last 20 minutes is a guided chakra meditation with a Healing topic each time based on the Law of Attraction. This combination is, for me, the perfect mix of everything that makes you feel great all day, in one hour, with lasting effects. Since I started teaching Sacred Yoga Meditation, I feel balanced, happy, joyful, and free. Whole.

I wonder if there are yoga teachers who recognize themselves in my story. If there are others who have undergone a similar development and have also developed something that could be summarized under the term Sacred Yoga: Yoga reduced to the essence for which it was originally intended. If you have come to a similar conclusion from your own background and experience and have done it differently. During my training, I had memories from other civilizations where so much more was possible with yoga than we know, also in the field of breathing techniques: I wonder if there are teachers who have also tapped into the field of universal knowledge? I dream of starting a Sacred Yoga channel with like-minded souls. Let me know if you dream of that too.

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