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From the New Era

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About Tuffie

I am Tuffie, lover of and expert in Energy & Consciousness, Voice Art and jazz music.

A few years ago, after years of a tough medical situation, a relationship with a narcissist, a subsequent burn out and post traumatic stress syndrome and, as a result, a large amount of financial debt, I completely threw in the towel, radically changing my life.

I then began to see more and more confirmation that not only I needed to change, but that the entire Earth is in Transition and everyone is going to change.

While the world has been in captivity and turmoil for two years, I am freer and happier than ever.

That is why I am fully committed to what we have to do. I mirror people’s potential and remind them to live from Creation Power, from knowing and with the tools of the New Age. Energy Consciousness.


Sacred Yoga Meditation

Join me in Sacred Yoga Meditation every day from Monday to Thursday, or buy video’s to do them in your own time. Sacred Yoga Meditation has been my Life safer and changer and still is. Sacred Yoga Meditation is based on deep breathing techniques, body and energy awareness and gentle but intense enough movement and stretching.
Aligning with the highest masculine and feminine Godfrequencies in ourselves we open up and feel both connected with our Lightest Light, our Highest intelligence electric part and our dark heavy magnetic side, grounded deeply in mother Earth. 
Every session includes a twenty minute guided meditation, which is an Energy scan and manifestation intention at the same time. Starting your day with practicing an hour of Self Love changes your life significant. Since I do Sacred Yoga Meditation my life has changed radically. I feel more grounded, centered, happy, authentic, aware, accepting, vibrating, sparkling, focussed, myself and aligned with my soul longing and purpose. I attract easier and have a sensationally increased body and chakra awareness. I also see this change in the people who join me.
We are made to breathe, we are made to move, we are made to Create and manifest ourselves.
You only discover this by doing it.
You’re very welcome to join me!

Live Sessions

Daily Monday to Thursday from 7.00 to 8.00 live via Zoom.
From 8.30 I send the recording for participants at home
The sessions are in English.
I stay online until 8.15 for questions and feedback

1 Week

4 Sessions


2 Weeks

8 Sessions


1 Month

16 Sessions


1 Year

192 Sessions


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Doing The Sacred Yoga Meditation helps me to relax, ground and reconnect with myself on a daily basis. The combination of both yoga and meditation enhances the effect. My body and mind are more flexible during the day and less sensitive to stress. For me it’s very important selfcare.

My daily sacred Yoga Meditation makes me more aware of my alignment between earth and cosmos. Gives me an inner rest and confidence to start the day. Setting an intention helps me to focus!

For me sacred yoga meditation is the daily practice of getting in contact with my higher heart. The place where my divine self and my earthly self meet. As in a balanced dance between different rhythms. To find my centre to be present from there for the rest of the day. A day without SYM is a day without centeredness.

ENERGY Consiousness

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