About Tuffie

The Philosophy

Everything is Energy. By learning all about Energy, you learn about yourself and Life. Consciousness is the key for Enlightened living.

The Promise

Getting aware of what Energy is and how Energy works is a big life changer. The 12 step Transformation Program, is a year intense training, a deep exploration of Self and a forever new approach of happy Living and manifesting.

Background info

Between 2012 and 2018 my life went down the drain. I got divorced, had to sell my house with debt.
I had severe eye surgeries, couldn’t work anymore as a voice-over because of double vision and so I build up a financial debt.
After having a very successful career as a voice-over for 35 years and having a spiritual school for 15 years, I felt burned out, I suffered PTSD and had developed dependency issues.
My way out appeared to be what is now the 12 Step Transformation Program.
Starting to eat ‘clean’ food again, going in to the nature, doing yoga, doing breathing exercises and meditations and having a new focus on my value and my needs, got me fully out of my depression and situation.

Now I’m living in the forrest in the centre of the Netherlands with my two dogs and I live the life I love in full abundance.
I love to be in the nature, I love to create. I’m a writer, a teacher, a passionate jazz musician and I love using my voice.

What people say about me

Tuffie is a pioneer and a visionary in the field of Reading and Healing. She reads Energy flawlessly. She is experienced and has strong communications kills. She builds an important Energetic bridge between feeling and science.”
Ingeborg Schot
Artist and illustrator
I was stuck in my business, but thanks to Tuffie, I now see the right path again and know what my destiny is in life!
Adam Cheise
Business Owner

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